KR! was founded in 2007 by Anne Wapstra and Tjeerd Kramer. Tjeerd, who has been in the Internet business since 2004, has experience in programming, SEO (search engine optimization) and affiliate marketing. Anne utilises her background of Strategic Communications and International Business Management to direct WAKR! through the dense woods of organisation.

KR! is LOOKING for interesting people. Who? People with energy, motivation and a fresh view of things. Still unclear? Simply contact us if your ambitions are aimed at the world of online marketing. Freelancers are welcome as well.

Tjeerd Kramer

One year of Computer Science and four years of Communication and Multimedia Design have contributed to the foundation of my one-man business in 2004. Using my all round skills I am able to manage internet projects from A to Z. My skill set stretches from the construction of databases, web servers and all round programming to search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. As a result of the success, the one-man business has been transformed to the enterprise KR! Holding B.V.

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Anne Wapstra

With a bachelor in Communication studies and a master's degree in International Business Management I entered the professional environment as a consultant with a financial consultancy company. After this, I decided to become an entrepreneur. My responsibilities are based on all round management in the company and I engage in human resources as well. Furthermore, I am focused on marketing activities, content management and acting as first line of contact for freelancers under our employment.

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