Many small-scale companies originate in a loft or living room. This will not pose a problem, unless you want more in the long run. Surely a representative working space is required when the desire to meet clients arises. Some offices however, tend to overdo this and consequently end up as dusty, dull and stale office gardens. We've shown quite the opposite.

Our office at the Westersingel in Leeuwarden forms a healthy combination of living room and office. Wooden floors, old elements and functional lighting, which emanates a pleasant warmth (or is it the wall heating?). The Westersingel is known as one of the most desirable locations in the city of Leeuwarden. The station is nearby, the inner city invites you for a stroll or a bread roll and clients can park right upfront. Furthermore, it is a splendid location with a view of the canal with its many boats and its pleasant situation opposite the music hall.

At the same time, three other companies realised that like KR!, they would benefit from this stimulating environment. The result is a group of hard-working albeit sociable entrepreneurs.

De Rode Eik

Health scientist Drs. Aafke S. Koster uses her desk at Westersingel 24 to do research, development and innovation for her company.


van Overeem werkt - werving en selectie

Van Overeem works exclusively to ensure the perfect match for both client and jobseeker. Aside from recruitement van Overeem also advises clients about flexible working and other work related issues.


Loft - Webdesign & Graphic design

Loft is a fresh company that dedicates itself to the development of websites, company trademarking, graphic design and content management systems. Founded by Joris van Montfort and Berber van den Brink in 2004.


Pracht Communicatie

The variety of disciplines at the Westersingel 24 has recently been expanded with the arrival of Nynke Boomsma and her expertise in comminication.


KR! Holding B.V.
Westersingel 24
8913 CL Leeuwarden